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Air Quality & Ventilation

Did you know the outdoor air quality in Raleigh is typically cleaner than the indoor air in an average home? That isn’t good for your health!

More than heating and cooling, our mission is to create healthier living spaces for families. We can improve the air quality in your home to improve your quality of life, especially for those who have respiratory issues that are made worse by harmful substances and poor ventilation.

Air Purifiers & Filtration Systems

Breathing clean and fresh air is essential for our overall health and well-being. This is where home air purifiers & filtration systems come into the picture. These innovative systems are designed to eliminate harmful pollutants, allergens, and contaminants from the air inside your home, creating a cleaner and healthier living environment.

Humidifiers, dehumidifiers & UV Lights

In the battle against indoor humidity, two contenders emerge: humidifiers and dehumidifiers. But which one is the right choice for you? Dehumidifiers, as the name suggests, reduce excess moisture in the air and are generally what is needed in Raleigh homes. They are favored in humid environments and can control mold growth, prevent musty odors, and protect your home from potential damage. Humidifiers are generally used when the humidity is less than 20 %. We will determine the humidity level in your home and suggest the correct product for you. If you have mold starting to grow in your air ducts - we will suggest a UV light as a low cost mitigator to start.

Carbon air neutralizers

Carbon air neutralizers are revolutionizing the way we purify the air in our homes and offices and they are becoming more and more popular in the Raleigh area. Carbon air neutralizers work by trapping and removing harmful airborne pollutants, such as smoke, allergens, and odors. Equipped with activated carbon filters, these devices effectively capture and neutralize these pollutants, allowing you to breathe easier and enjoy cleaner, fresher air. One of the significant benefits of carbon air neutralizers is their ability to eliminate not only large particles but also microscopic ones that can be detrimental to our health. They are particularly effective in removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other indoor air contaminants.

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